Today we feature Untangle Roots, a poem by Erin Hanson Cosmic Dynamics is also available on Spotify & on podcast apps. Thank you for tuning in.🎧 Camille

Today we feature a piece from Austrian performance artists & architects Honey & Bunny. One strategy that has been used quite a bit over the last years in change communications, and in particular in food industry documentary films is the use of disgust … to turn people off meat consumption for instance. Is disgust a […]

Recalling the work of Paul Rucker, from 2018 in Richmond. Years go by and structural racism keeps on haunting society, pretty much everywhere on the Planet.One question; When white people keep passively inhabiting a world of white privileges, without actively engaging in anti-racism actions, isn’t this a form of racism? His  social media profiles are […]

No talking today, just a song that magically came up in my playlist while I was writing up yesterday’s episode (Cosmic #022). A beautiful art piece by Daughter, which illustrates masterful messaging, and masterful execution, and a song written from intentions that may be completely different from the ones we may  be assuming… who knows? […]

This episode features “Paisatges de PlĂ stic”  an art piece by Elena Villalba, XĂ©nia Cros, Pau GalcerĂ n, Oriol Ruiz and Lydia Moreno from the Art School of Olot @artdissenyolot in Catalunya. There are things  happening in the world that are extremely harmful to society and to the environment, but are quite… boring to talk about. Boring […]

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