Cosmic #39 – Enric Duran

September 27, 2019

Economic Disobedience & Building Radical Alternatives to State Power

A lot of intense questions this week, and a controversial guest => heavy risk of denial.

Let’s be honest: Do we really believe that alternative structures can flourish from within the existing system, supported by nation states? It feels like we don’t really want to accept the answer to this fundamental question, because the consequences would be profound.

It’s also much easier to go and march in the streets to demand answers and actions from politicians and financial institutions themselves. From the very system that is at the root cause of the problem. When expecting answers to come from the outside, we citizens don’t have to do much, we just go and march, then share on Facebook.

This conversation will certainly help you gain perspective, and either make you redirect your tax money to underground initiatives, or get you to consider other disobedience options that both weaken the existing system while strengthening the cooperatives and social structures that more and more people are contributing to developing.

In this episode I am talking to Enric Duran. He is so much into disobedience that he is on the run. Some 10 years ago, he took 68 loans from 39 banks with no intention to pay back, and used the money to finance the development of alternative structures that are today paving the way towards a new way of living together, outside of state power and the capitalist system.

We talk about economic disobedience, cryptocurrencies, shared value, governance, democratic confederalism & the psychology of courage.

If you’ve reached that point in the text, you are probably ready to dive in the episode and nurture a deep thinking process, leading to… action?

Looking forward to your thoughts,

Resourcefully, from somewhere in the Cosmos,✨☄


Links & References:

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Henry Thoreau – a key figure of tax disobedience in the 19th century

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