Cosmic #36 – Alnoor Ladha

August 28, 2019

How Narratives Shape the World

Here we are. Season 2.

I am very enthusiastic about this new podcast series and am looking forward to hearing what you think about it.

As a quick reminder, from now on, we are going to increase our focus on paradigm shift – beyond “just change making”. And shifting the paradigm starts by changing the language we use, and the stories we tell as change makers.

In this episode, I am talking to Alnoor Ladha who gives us some of the keys to narrative change, culture hacking and harnessing the power of language for paradigm shift. Alnoor is the Executive Director of The Rules, a global network of activists, writers, researchers, artists, designers, hackers, and others focused on addressing the root causes of poverty, inequality and climate change.

As always, I learnt a lot. Let me know your comments at hello@becosmic.org, and any wish you may have for upcoming episodes.

Yours, from somewhere in the cosmos.


Links related to the conversation:

  • The Rules
  • Steven Pinker – the author & cognitive psychologist Alnoor is referring to when talking about examples of problematic narratives.

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