Cosmic #24 – Kim Ossenblok

April 24, 2019

Conscious Coffee, Sensory Experiences & the Very Little Things

What is your relationship with coffee?

Millions of people around the world work blood, sweat and tears so we can all enjoy this one cup of magic potion every morning. Truly, most of us have some kind of addiction to the coffee moment.

This one cup is subject to much debate – guilt sometimes – and dreams, more and more. The world of coffee is changing and I wanted to give it proper attention to find out what learnings we can draw from what turned into a key commodity on financial markets . Most importantly, I wanted to meet the people who are increasingly influencing these complex supply chains so you and I eventually get the option to drink “conscious coffee”, pay the right price to the right players and unleash new sensory experiences.

Cosmic consciousness may very well start with a cup of conscious coffee, don’t you think?

This episode introduces a mini-series where each chapter will focus on a sub-challenge of the coffee world – each time with a special guest to guide us.

I had to start with Kim Ossemblok. He is one of the greatest experts in the coffee world, he trained thousands of coffee professionals, he writes – and influences – via his blog and social media channels as well. He is fun, generous and well grounded. In other words, he is the perfect Godfather for this coffee series.

Looking forward to your thoughts,

Dance, do more, be cosmic.


Links related to the discussion:

  • Cafenation in Antwerp, where Kim drank his first cup of specialty
  • Kim’s blog, the most read coffee blog in the Spanish world.
  • Kim’s Youtube channel
  • Great for the living room table: Kim’s book “Al Grano” – teaching you everything you should know about making good coffee.
  • About fasciatherapy, one of the techniques used by Kim to train his senses.

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