Cosmic #20 – Andreina Aveledo

March 28, 2019

(Venezuela Special) Smuggling Medical Supplies While Promoting Art & Culture

I made a deal with Andreina: one day we will host a big party in a culturally rich, vibrant and healthy Venezuela to celebrate how far the Venezuelan people have come since 2019. Right now, the situation is more than critical, as you may know. This episode is not about re-doing the regular media coverage that the crisis is getting. It’s the story of creative people smuggling medical supplies into the country while humanitarian aid is blocked and often repressed. Better than that, Andreina & Team use their campaign as a vehicle for rebuilding the cultural and artistic scene of their country.

An admirable project led by beautiful people – a perfect occasion to celebrate the resilience of this population that is going through so much.

Thanks to their project, you can easily help, and feed your soul at the same time. Please check the episode notes and send me an email if you are inspired to contribute. Hello@becosmic.org

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