Cosmic #12 – Rebecca Hubbard

January 31, 2019


Undermining Lobbying to Tackle Overfishing in EU Waters

How does lobbying happen exactly? And where?

In this week’s episode, I sit with Rebecca Hubbard in the Thon Hotel EU in Brussels. And for a good reason: it’s a peak lobbying day of the year! EU Ministers decide on (over)fishing quotas for European waters and the Thon Hotel EU is where most of the shady meetings happen and where deals get made, just besides us, as we record this interview.

With her team at Our Fish, Rebecca specialises in campaigning for ocean issues. Those guys are working extremely hard to end overfishing in European waters.  As she repeatedly says: “we can’t let that sh** happen!”

This conversation takes us to her early days growing up in a conservative area of New South Wales, where she felt “a bit different than the other teenagers”. We deconstruct the key moments of her career, and reach a couple of important take-away that got kept me thinking ever since. I hope you can use Rebecca’s energy and wisdom to advance on your own battles.

Dance, do more, be cosmic!

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