Cosmic is a not-for-profit Foundation dedicated to Narrative Change & Paradigm Shifts*.

We bring together a global community of artists, storytellers and other culture-makers and develop new ways of creating impact through Art & Culture.

What we do today:

  • Research & Investigation: from the Neolithic to modern times, we study systemic change and investigate the most pressing issues of our time.
  • Narrative change, campaign strategy & facilitation – offering advisory & project support to NGOs & other mission-driven organisations internationally.
  • Support for artists, celebrities & influencers of culture who wish to join social & environmental campaigns (research support, media advisory, PR).
  • The Cosmic Show – the anchor of our media and content production. Primarily an audio podcast feed, it includes Cosmic Live & Cosmic Dynamics.

*Paradigm Shift: A major change occurring when the usual and accepted way of doing or thinking about something changes completely.

From a Q&A session with Camille Duran, Founder & Director at the Cosmic Foundation
What is the mission of the Cosmic Foundation?
“Our mission is to support artistic & cultural production motivated by environmental conservation & social equity. After a few years working with campaigning in different regions of the world, I realized the relationship between NGOs and the Arts is often tumultuous. On one side, campaigners value messages that are didactic (telling audiences what to think and do). On the other, Artists prefer ambiguous messaging, stimulating the production of dialogue and defending space for thoughts, contemplation, confusion sometimes. At Cosmic, we share our experience dancing with that line, finding the sweet spot project by project to make sure both sides agree to collaborate and no one feels instrumentalized.”
In practice, what does your work consist of?
“On one side, we investigate in depth the issues we are currently covering. Most of them are complex because they come from global systemic failures. It takes a lot of work to map root causes and identify true leverage points for a campaign. The shape of a debate can change rapidly and media opportunities arise all the time. My colleagues are eating reports for breakfast – I do dinners – monitoring the debate daily, keeping the finger on the pulse of the crisis we are studying. We build relationships with most relevant NGOs and experts all around the world, we fine tune our insights over several months, years sometimes. So we feel very solid when we get into campaigning mode.
On the other side, we develop relationships with artists & influencers of all kinds (actors, athletes, youtubers…) and with funders (from across philanthropy & impact investment). Then we get people working together. Very much like a facilitating body.”
What happens when celebrities engage on social & environmental topics?
“Their audience listens. That’s already a lot! It can really raise the profile of an issue.
The challenge is making sure prominent cultural actors have enough context and insights to send the right message every time. We saw over the last years how counter productive it can get when they miss the point. And they are putting so much of themselves into this that it’s hard to blame them of course. The key is to make sure they have easy access to the right support whenever they need. This is a key area of focus for us.”
What celebrities do you work with?
“We do not communicate publicly who we work with. They value our discretion and we operate on a need-to-know basis. What I can say is that our focus is mainly on Europe at this stage, and that we prioritize impact over volume. A few strategic projects can sometimes achieve much more than many balls up in the air.”

Camille Duran specializes in the fields of Media, Culture & the Arts. He works internationally as a Campaign & Media Strategist, Investigative Researcher, Producer and Writer. He set up the Cosmic Foundation to facilitate collaboration between the impact sector, the Arts and influencers of culture.

Eleen Murphy is an Investigative Researcher & Media Producer with a strong interest in systemic change & storytelling. At Cosmic, Eleen leads research & content production, sourcing cutting-edge intelligence and hard data to then turn it into engaging briefings for artists & influencers of culture.

Amanda Rubio coordinates network activities and narrative change projects at Cosmic. Her passion for the pollination process, capacity building and collaboration is a key asset to the growth and impact of our community. She also coordinates partnerships for the Cosmic Show.

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