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No talking today, just a song that magically came up in my playlist while I was writing up yesterday’s episode (Cosmic #022). A beautiful art piece by Daughter, which illustrates masterful messaging, and masterful execution, and a song written from intentions that may be completely different from the ones we may  be assuming… who knows? […]

This episode features “Paisatges de Plàstic”  an art piece by Elena Villalba, Xénia Cros, Pau Galceràn, Oriol Ruiz and Lydia Moreno from the Art School of Olot @artdissenyolot in Catalunya. There are things  happening in the world that are extremely harmful to society and to the environment, but are quite… boring to talk about. Boring […]

A genuine joyful smile will always be perceived as a genuine joyful smile by other human beings. A threat to joyful activism? Featured illustration by @rikwilkinsonartist Cosmic Dynamics is also available on Spotify & on podcast apps. Thank you for tuning in. Camille

Paradigm shifts take place in the mind. “Paradigm” soundtrack by @jayhardway  Cosmic Dynamics is also available on Spotify & on podcast apps. Thank you for tuning in. Camille

History, and daily life keeps showing us how vulnerable we are to ‘the truth’. What is the truth?  We think something is true, until it’s not true anymore, until there is a better truth… a better truth because it became demonstrably true, and contradicts or suppresses the previous one. This episode is the first one of […]

It might be a good time to open a chapter on humour, the most powerful tool of them all… I like to think:) It’s fair to say that it plays a central role in the media environment, it shapes how we understand ideas, social boundaries and even logic. Tomorrow for our weekly live mix I […]

“Things have never been so good for humanity” “There’s never been a better time to be alive” “We’ve never had it so good than right now”. These couple of lines are very meaningful because when we accept this narrative as a truth, we open the door to a legion of story monsters that invade culture […]

Identity. Identity seems intrinsically connected to how we, humans, experience change. And one story we tell about identity is structurally blocking the way… This is one of the chapters I had the privilege to touch on with El Seed, who truly incarnates this multi-layer approach to human experience. He will be on Cosmic Live tomorrow […]

It’s quite interesting to note how the idea of fragility has taken so much protagonism in just a few weeks. A nation like the United States, incarnating power, robust economy, and opportunity is now counting 33million people unemployed, when the employment rate was the highest in decades just a couple of months ago. Still, fragile […]

There is a very toxic narrative out there, a viral one to be exact. Words that turned into day-to-day language on the news, in all conversations, in our homes even.  We might want to be aware of the monster we are actually creating by pronouncing those words. Let’s hear them, one last time… This episode […]

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