Cosmic Dynamics

Do NOT listen to this episode. Features the poem “Negation” by Wallace Stevens: Hi! The creator too is blind, Struggling toward his harmonious whole, Rejecting intermediate parts, Horrors and falsities and wrongs; Incapable master of all force, Too vague idealist, overwhelmed By an afflatus that persists. For this, then, we endure brief lives, The evanescent […]

Do NOT listen to this episode. Art piece Human Factor by John Underwood (1988) Cosmic Dynamics is also available on Spotify & on podcast apps. Thank you for tuning in.🎧 Camille

Can music avoid the need for these words that have become so… limiting in many ways. Can it expand our horizons across human processes and have some sort of a regenerative effect on human communications? We are preparing an experiment on this topic, involving musicians, words, and a tough communication challenge. If you want to […]

Which one came first? Music or language? Any idea? And what does it say about the little situation we’re in right now, as humans? Art piece of the day: Logos, a remarkable album by French jazz trio Zylia.  They put forward a very sophisticated language, at a moment of human history where our relation to […]

In the art space, when a gallery or museum showcases  work about #social or #environmental issues, there sometimes is an uncomfortable contradiction between the context and messages conveyed by the art pieces on display, and what the exhibition space emanates. Have you experienced that? Or is it just me…? @zerowasteexhibition seems to be taking steps […]

Art piece of the day by Julie Campbell It’s quite disarming to realise that the way we experience life is mostly based on the structure of our mental world, and that the structure of our mental world affects our reality. Is it that obvious? Is this true? How so? And what does it mean for […]

Note: This is not Boris Johnson, this is Jacques Lacan. Both talk about symbols. At very different levels and with very different intentions though 🙂 We are organising a workshop on theory of change and this tricky maneuver of moving from symbolic actions to establishing new societal “structures”, in the context of social and environmental […]

Today we feature Untangle Roots, a poem by Erin Hanson Cosmic Dynamics is also available on Spotify & on podcast apps. Thank you for tuning in.🎧 Camille

Today we feature a piece from Austrian performance artists & architects Honey & Bunny. One strategy that has been used quite a bit over the last years in change communications, and in particular in food industry documentary films is the use of disgust … to turn people off meat consumption for instance. Is disgust a […]

Recalling the work of Paul Rucker, from 2018 in Richmond. Years go by and structural racism keeps on haunting society, pretty much everywhere on the Planet.One question; When white people keep passively inhabiting a world of white privileges, without actively engaging in anti-racism actions, isn’t this a form of racism? His  social media profiles are […]

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