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Have you heard about this city in Costa Rica that extended citizenship to bees & other pollinators? Today we explore the potential of local stories for the locals (vs. global for the locals). We also feature the work of Matthew Willey & The Good of the Hive  (https://www.instagram.com/thegoodofthehive/) Useful links: Artist Matthew Willey & The […]

If change involves the mind – and it does 🙂 – we have to consider the labyrinth. This episode features the work of artist Soukaina Aziz El Idrissi: Al Mataha / Labyrinth  Al Mataha/Labyrinth – by Soukaina Aziz El Idrissi Soukaina Aziz El Idrissi on Instagram Cosmic Dynamics is also available on Spotify & on […]

Today I am opening an adult conversation with Photographer Chris Jordan, with Jazz Music Icon Herbie Hancock and, with you… yes you’re invited, of course. An adult conversation with no age restriction, but with only one condition… Cosmic Dynamics is also available on Spotify & on podcast apps. Thank you for tuning in. Camille

How much of our attention, of our energy, of our budget, are we putting into the invisible? The invisible in our lives? In other words: how much are we investing in the subtle realm?  Cosmic Dynamics is also available on Spotify & on podcast apps. Thank you for tuning in. Camille

Yesterday, in Spain, where I live, children under 14 were allowed outside their homes for the first time in six weeks. So today I am featuring the work of Kevin Peterson, who paints about isolation, rigid boundaries, fear, and what it’s like to grow up in a broken world. Kevin Peterson’s works Kevin Peterson’s Instagram […]

Isn’t it a great time to be out… and paint / bomb / perform / send a message? At night maybe? Confusing people’s daily experience of the boring outdoors? Tomorrow we are all going to get a little bit confused actually, because at 7pm CET we’ll be with Leon Seesix aka Dotmasters. He brings solid […]

Yesterday, we saw one of the most remarkable moments in financial history: A deeply negative oil price. What’s the alternative path right now? I thought this historic moment would be a good time to recall the piece made by Irish Artist John Gerrard – called Western Flag. About John Gerrard & Western Flag: Website link […]

I am sure you noticed: with the lock-down, the little things take a lot of meaning.  More than ever, I like sitting down with a glass of wine, putting on a tune, and staring at my plants. I just ask myself: what tune will I put on today? This time, the letter V came to […]

As the world is slowing down right now, it might be a good time to explore acceleration. My Grand Dad was obsessed with acceleration, so obsessed he had become one of the leading researchers in particles acceleration – from the 60s and on, at the CERN in Geneva – I don’t really brag about it […]

Have you noticed it’s a lot more difficult to get humans interested in the hole, in the void, in the absence of things, than getting humans interested in plugging the hole, in making up for deficiencies at all costs, in the patch, in covering it up? This episode features “the Hole” – a poem by […]

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