#031 – Music & Language – Part 2

Written by on June 30, 2020

Can music avoid the need for these words that have become so… limiting in many ways. Can it expand our horizons across human processes and have some sort of a regenerative effect on human communications?

We are preparing an experiment on this topic, involving musicians, words, and a tough communication challenge. If you want to participate or attend from online, please send us an email at hello@cosmic.show and we’ll tell you more about it, we’re working on the how right now and will mail the Cosmic community when we have a detailed program.

In this soundtrack by @christianscottofficial you can hear the immense talent of flutist @ElenaPinderhughes, which I am symbolically connecting to this episode and to this 40 000 year-old bone flute crafted in mammoth ivory. Gourmet food for the right brain!

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Thank you for tuning in.🎧

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