#022 – Sexing Up the Root Causes

Written by on June 1, 2020

This episode features “Paisatges de Plàstic”  an art piece by Elena Villalba, Xénia Cros, Pau Galceràn, Oriol Ruiz and Lydia Moreno from the Art School of Olot @artdissenyolot in Catalunya.

There are things  happening in the world that are extremely harmful to society and to the environment, but are quite… boring to talk about. Boring because it’s complex, It’s visually non appealing, it’s distant, it’s silent, it’s grey…

How do we deal with this as a society, in an era where people’s attention span is shorter than ever and the competitive media landscape pushes content production to the edges of dramatic, sensational, crazy, and… “you won’t believe what happens next”? This is a real question for artists, storytellers and other influencers of culture who care about impact: how do we deal with “important, but not sexy”…

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